The conversation has started! Over 100 people attended the Men and Masculinity 2018 Forum held in Wangaratta to explore the most pressing issues for men and boys, the positive contribution men make to family and community life, and the actions we can take to improve men’s health and wellbeing.

‘Shaming men and boys doesn’t work. Everybody wants to be good. No person is born wanting to hurt someone they love. Something has gone wrong. We have to resonate with that’ Dr Michael Salter.

To view the highlights of the day click here.


Jason Ball

You will be moved by 2017 Young Australian of the Year Jason Ball as he recounts his personal experience challenging masculine stereotypes in Australian football and highlights the importance of inclusivity in sports. To view the presentation by Jason Ball click here.


Steve O’Malley

Metropolitan Fire Brigade’s Steve O’Malley provided a key note presentation on his personal experience in a male dominated organisation which inspired many to consider their own organisational cultures. To view the presentation by Steve O’Malley click here.


Dr Michael Salter

Dr Michael Salter delivered a captivating presentation based on his research on trauma experienced by men and our culture of shame for men and boys. To view the presentation by Dr Michael Salter click here.


Tom Bell

The challenges of suicide and depression was outlined by experienced facilitator Tom Bell whose workshop session provided the audience with practical lessons in listening and communicating with men and boys. To view the presentation by Tom Bell click here.


Participants on the day were challenged to make changes in their families, their communities and their organisations to be inclusive, to communicate with care and to be the best role models we can be for our boys and girls.