A Gender Equity Policy is a formal policy that provides a clear statement and understanding of an organisations position regarding gender and equity to management, staff, clients, and contractors.

A gender equity policy provides an organisational framework for responsibility and accountability. It demonstrates a high level of commitment to a workplace that values inclusion and diversity, and actively promotes equitable opportunities and outcomes for women and men.

Gender is a factor in everything we do. It is entrenched in language, behaviour and workplace structures. Therefore, it is imperative that all parts of the workplace have an understanding of gender and are included as part of the solution to redress gender inequities and gender stereotypes.

Women’s Health Goulburn North East (WHGNE) developed a gender equity policy template as a resource to support workplaces across Goulburn Valley and North East Victoria, in developing and implementing policies to promote gender equity internally.

This policy can be readily adapted to suit your organisational policy context and organisational needs.

Gender Equity Policy Template 2018