Since 2013 six post cards have been educating young women about Financial abuse*, we are pleased to announce that in 2018 these have been updated and are complemented by five videos  funded by WCF Thomas Charitable Trust.

Each each postcard and poster details a young women’s experience of financial abuse.  The back of the card lists help lines available for support.

The postcards and posters can be:

  • Displayed in reception areas at libraries, local council offices, Tafe’s, schools, community health services and youth services;
  • Used in discussions about basic money management, budgeting and contracts;
  • Used to inform discussions and raise awareness of respectful relationships;
  • Used to discuss credit and debt issues including rights and responsibilities;
  • Used to discuss options available when financial difficulty does occur.


Download in postcard or poster format. If you would like some hard copies of these resources please contact or call 03 5722 3009.


Research and experience informs us that many young women are not aware that:

Family Violence is a community problem, not a women’s problem and not a woman’s fault.

Family Violence is not only about black eyes and broken bones.

Financial Abuse is all about POWER and CONTROL.

Financial Abuse comes in many forms including:

  • Withholding money or dictating how it is spent;
  • Refusing to allow a woman to work or study, thus limiting her financial independence and opportunities;
  • Forcing a partner to claim income support payments, placing them at risk of accusations of security fraud;
  • Putting all loans and debts in the woman’s name and assets in the abusers name; and
  • Refusing to contribute to the costs of the household.

The Family Violence Protection Act 2008 identifies financial abuse as a form of Family Violence.

*2013 funding was from Ian Potter Foundation as part of the project called Keeping Your Boat Afloat.