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What about the men? Men’s experiences of health and wellbeing during and after Black Saturday


This research report has been launched please go to http://www.whealth.com.au/environmentaljustice/men/index.html for updated information.


What about the Men?WHGNE researchers in partnership with Monash Injury Research Institute are currently speaking with men who experienced the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires to inform future disaster planning.

Men’s experiences of health and wellbeing during and after Black Saturday evolved from concerns from women and workers about men’s coping, or not coping after Black Saturday. There is a lack of information in this area globally and nationally, and current disaster risk management practices do not incorporate a specific focus on men in their work with disaster resilience.

Despite the visible devastation wrought by Black Saturday, the full extent of the bushfire impact is often not fully recognised immediately or in the months following such a disaster. While much has been said about men, this research gives men the opportunity to speak about their own experiences.

In November 2013, the key learnings and recommendations from the ‘What about the men?’ research—told in men’s own words—will be presented at the Just ask: Experiences of men after disaster Conference.

PICTURED : 'On a Clear Day' by Syd Tunn

2013 Conference: ‘Just ask: Experiences of men after disaster’


Conference Details
Tuesday 26th November 2013, William Angliss Institute, Melbourne

Following the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, Australian’s donated $379 million to fire-affected communities. Almost five years on, do we care how they’re travelling?

The 2013 conference will draw together representatives from the emergency management sector, the Federal, State and Local Governments, and other key organisations. The conference will introduce the findings from the ‘What about the men?’ research, to inform responses to men in future disasters. If, as a result of this new insight, men can be helped in a more effective and timely way post-disaster, the consequences for themselves and those around them will be reduced.

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Conference Enquiries
Please contact the conference organisers, Happenings Australia, on
Phone + 61 2 9341 2007 or Email l.wilson@happenings.com.au.

Sponsorship Details
We are seeking the support of organisations or individuals who would like to sponsor this important event. Your sponsorship will make a real difference to the recovery of men, women, children and communities post-disaster.

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Read more about our work below...

While we have finalised interviewing in Mitchell and Murrindindi areas, please contact us if you have a story you would like to share of your experience or your observations of how men in the community are coping post bushfires.

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Media Releases

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What others have said about men post Black Saturday...

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