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Project: Equity

Project: Equity is a practical approach to recognising and responding to inequity and exclusion.
It seeks to alert health professionals to the possibility that their practices may unintentionally exclude certain groups within the community. Equity is a term which describes fairness and justice in outcomes. It is not about the equal delivery of services, or distribution of resources, it is about recognising diversity and disadvantage, and directing resources and services towards those most in need, to ensure equal outcomes for all.

Why focus on Equity?
There is an increasing focus on ensuring fair and accessible services by Government with the release of ‘A Fairer Victoria’ in 2005. The Rural Australian College of Physicians ‘Inequity and Health’ policy statement calls for the health sector to ‘develop an explicit plan of action to reduce inequality for the population they serve and in the services they deliver’. Addressing inequalities and the underlying causes of ill health is one of the core components of the mission of the Public Health Group (DHS) and is a key feature of the current health promotion priorities for the Regional and Rural Health and Aged Care Services and VicHealth.

We are increasingly being asked to consider delivering services, activities and interventions that will make an impact on those most at risk of poor health outcomes.

A brief history of Project: Equity:

Workers at Women's Health Goulburn North East collaborated with various PCP’s, networks & organisations across the Hume region on this project.

Project participants have said:

I feel I get caught up in everyday life and work, and tend to forget our principles of total inclusion. There may be groups out there who require our service and we do not know about it”

“ I have learnt….not make assumptions about clients based on their own values and backgrounds and experience.”

“The tools that are provided in addressing equity in the workplace are useful. Helps me to help staff develop a stronger understanding and appreciation for equity.”

“Got us thinking as a service collectively”

“Thanks for generating and challenging my thinking”



PDF FileThe full report Project Equity A Review of Literature and Practice
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PDF FileEquity Planning Overview
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PDF FileEquity Planning Checklist
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