Men and Disasters

Men and Disaster Training

Here you will find the training notes, Power Points, participant handouts and resources to assist you to present a Men and Disasters workshop.

You may simply wish to be informed of the issues and to improve your own knowledge and practice, however, the rich exchange of information, networking, sharing of concerns and creative solutions can only be found in the group setting.

Men and disaster training package

Facilitators Manual Facilitator’s Guide download
Participants' Manual download
PowerPoint Slides download
Participant’s Handouts  
- Continuum of violence against women
- Evaluation
- Getting help
- I am going to activity
- Matching activitiy
- Men and suicide
- Notes view Men and disaster PowerPoint
Certificate of Completion download

To ask us any questions about this training or ways you could adapt it to your agency or network, or if you would like us to facilitate your Men and Disasters training, please contact us, 03 5722 3009 or

While you are free to use these materials, we ask that you let us know, and acknowledge Women’s Health Goulburn North East. Any feedback you may gather would be warmly welcomed.