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The Hume region has identified Healthy Eating as a priority for their target population of 0-12 year olds (2013-2017). A key aspect of healthy eating within this age group is breastfeeding, which has many proven benefits and provides infants with best start in life.

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Communities Latching on to Breastfeeding (CLBF)

Communities Latching onto BreastfeedingCommunities Latching on to Breastfeeding (CLBF) is a social marketing campaign established by the Health Promotion teams at Gateway Health, Women’s Health Goulburn North East and Northeast Health Wangaratta. This was done in partnership with a number of other organisations and agencies, nation-wide, state-wide and locally.

The campaign’s main goals are:

CLBF is designed to promote breastfeeding through strengthened community supports. We endeavor to raise awareness of the needs of mothers and babies so partners and their wider community can take action to support them. We envision communities that encourage and enable women to breastfeed without fear of stigmatisation; communities that provide facilities and policies that are informed to family needs. This, amongst other things, may take the shape of adequate change care facilities in shopping centres, breastfeeding friendly workplaces, businesses that display Breastfeeding Welcome Here signage and a general attitude of respect and courtesy shown to women when breastfeeding at home or participating in community life. CLBF acknowledge the challenges associated with breastfeeding and respect all mothers’ breastfeeding or formula practices.

The CLBF website provides a range of resources for both professionals and community members. The page provides current information for parents, carers and their support networks about breastfeeding in the infants first year of life. CLBF have developed numerous resources to enable professionals to advocate for, and to create environments supportive of breastfeeding in their community.

Visit the Communities Latching onto Breastfeeding webpage and the Breastfeeding Journey Map.


Breastfeeding and Work – Let’s make it work!

This brochure has been designed to assist workplaces in supporting Mothers and carers returning to work after the birth of a baby.

The resource provides practical tools and information on how a diverse range of workplaces can enable women to manage breastfeeding whilst returning work, and promote a family friendly culture.

For those workplaces wanting further information and support regarding breastfeeding and a family friendly workplace culture, please contact WHGNE for more information on (03) 5722 3009.

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Breatfeeding Journey Map