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Empowering women of all abilities through access, choice and respect

Women with disabilities are diverse and resilient yet they experience serious levels of violence, discrimination and disadvantage. Events organised in 2015 and 2016 provided opportunities to hear from women with disabilities and to bring women of all abilities together in strong partnerships to lead community action.

North East Victoria Enabling Women Program

Enabling Women has given me a Voice”
NE Victoria Enabling Women Participant 2016

Enabling Women Leadership Program 2016
NE Victoria Enabling Women Graduates 2016
Photo courtesy of Wangaratta Chronicle

In partnership with Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV), the Enabling Women Leadership Program was delivered for the first time in Victoria’s North East during 2016.

Developed by WDV, Enabling Women is a community leadership program that empowers 8-12 women with disabilities to have a voice about issues that relate to them and other women with disabilities. The program is one day a week for six weeks followed by a graduation celebration. More information about Enabling Women.

Key to success of Enabling Women is the participation and support provided by regional organisations and community members of all abilities.

Planning undertaken by a Reference Group and recruitment of paid women workers and volunteer mentors ensure a diverse group of women can participate fully in the leadership program, with encouragement and support during and after sessions.

Mentor and Leadership Participant 2016
NE Victoria Enabling Women Mentor and Leadership Participant 2016
Photo courtesy of Wangaratta Chronicle

Free transport organised in the North East program allowed many participants living in rural communities to access community leadership education and skills for the first time.

Formal evaluation shows how Enabling Women builds knowledge about women’s lived experience of disability in rural settings with new networks for women of all abilities to inform and drive change.

“In the program, we’ve learnt a lot about
discrimination, advocacy and that we all have
rights whether we have a disability or not”.

NE Victoria Enabling Women Participant 2016

Download the WHGNE Enabling Women Evaluation Report
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For more information about Enabling Women and current programs contact Women with Disabilities Victoria or WHGNE