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CENTSable- Financial Information

CENTSable is a national website to assist workers to have informed financial conversations with women on low incomes who are applying for a NILS loan.

Website address : www.centsable.org.au



CENTSable provides workers with easily accessible information to have informed financial conversations with women on low incomes, at the NILS interview stage. Providing disadvantaged women with relevant options, at a time when they are more likely to be receptive to strategies and ideas to better manage their limited income will make the most of this unique opportunity. Using CENTSable will add value to the existing NILS process.

  • WHAT IS CENTSable?

    • CENTSable has gathered in one place handbooks, videos, posters, checklists and web-links for workers to inform clients about the following:

      - Concessions and helplines;
      - Smart loans and budgeting;
      - Managing bills and money traps;
      - Bankruptcy, gambling; and,
      - Domestic and financial abuse.


    • Workers can:

      - Use the interactive guide ‘LET’s TALK ABOUT’ to have conversations with clients to identify issues and challenges that reduce their capacity to manage their money well.
      - Raise awareness of money traps with posters about payday loans and rent-to-buy compared to a No Interest Loan.
      - Get the conversation started with posters about financial abuse
      - Learn about the FOUR STEPS to respond effectively to domestic violence.
      - Hand out to clients the TIP SHEET for less financial stress.
      - Listen to one woman’s story of financial abuse.
      - Keep up to date with what is happening in the community sector by subscribing to the e-newsletters listed.


    • Workers in the Community Sector
      NILS workers
      Social workers
      Receptionist’s -Doctor’s surgery’s, community health services
      Neighbourhood Houses
      Financial Counsellors
      Housing workers
      Community Lawyers
      Women who wish to find out more about their financial options


    • As the NILS worker at WHGNE I constantly meet with women who are on limited incomes and through no fault of their own are not aware that there are options which could help them to make better use of their money.

      They arrive with utility bills they are embarrassed about, but do not realise their concession has not been applied and they can also ask for it to be back dated 12 months, or that they can apply for a grant to assist. What they then owe is a much more manageable amount!

      I meet women on low incomes who are paying three times the price for essential white goods through rent-to-buy services because they are just not aware that No Interest Loans are available.

      I realised that the opportunity to look closely at their bank statements and debts, in a supportive and non-judgemental way, can lead to potential savings of hundreds of dollars a year for these women.

      I see many women who believe that they have no hope of ever saving any money and consequently their lives are full of the stress of trying to manage on a restricted income. Knowing that women experience financial disadvantage far more often than men due to a number of factors including interrupted career paths, part-time work and the pay gap, and that workers are already stretched to the limit, led me to see the need for a resource which would have all the financial information needed in the one website. Across Australia, three out of four NIL’S participants are women and NILS is often a trusted source of information. So it made sense to develop a website for workers to use when talking to women about money.

      We also have a specific Domestic Violence NILS and one of the major factors influencing a woman’s decision to remain with an abusive partner is financial dependence. Therefore building women’s financial independence and security is critical to enabling women to permanently exit domestic violence.

      I want CENTSable to change the story so that women on low incomes are informed of all the possible financial services and options, and have the opportunity to improve the financial wellbeing of themselves and their children.


THANK YOU Mr. Potter.
Karen O’Connor | WHGNE Microfinance Worker

With thanks to the Ian Potter Foundation for making this possible.