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Research Reports

Men on Black Saturday: Risk and opportunities for change

Men | Black Saturday BushfiresWHGNE researchers in partnership with Monash Injury Research Institute (MIRI)  spoke with 32 men who experienced the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires to inform future disaster planning.

Men’s experiences of health and wellbeing during and after Black Saturday evolved from concerns from women and workers about men’s coping, or not coping, after Black Saturday. There is a lack of information in this area globally and nationally, and current disaster risk management practices do not incorporate a specific focus on men in their work with disaster resilience.

PDF FileVol. 1 Executive Summary and Recommendations
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PDF FileVol. 2 The Men’s Accounts
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PDF FileVol. 3 Men, Masculinity, Disaster:
A Literature Review

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PDF FileVol. 4 Forthcoming –
Conference proceedings Appendices

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Living Longer on Less

Living Longer on LessThis research is a partnership project between Women's Health In the North (WHIN) and Women's Health Goulburn North East (WHGNE) and is supported by an expert Reference Group.

It began in December 2012, aiming to gather the experiences of women aged over 55 from diverse backgrounds across metropolitan and rural areas about how they plan to pay for their own care as they age.

PDF FileDownload Final Report
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Rural Women’s Access to Family Planning Services – Hume Region

Rural Women's Acces to Family Planning ServicesFollowing the Abortion Law Reform Act brought in in 2008 and working with and alongside the State-wide data collection, WHGNE was keen to capture a snapshot of family planning services available to women in Hume region and to identify gaps in service delivery.

This report summarizes qualitative data from interviews undertaken with professionals working in Hume region organizations from July to December 2011. Analysis of data is framed around key themes identified in the state wide survey Victorian Rural Women’s Access to Family Planning Survey Report August 2012.

PDF FileDownload - Rural Women's Access to Family Planning Services - Hume Region
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The Way He Tells It:
Relationships after Black Saturday

The Way He Tells ItTwo years of collecting and analysing accounts from women and workers affected by Black Saturday has yielded complex and disturbing findings. Social services workers - including police, domestic violence workers, counsellors and recovery workers – shared their knowledge and insight into the effect of the disaster on personal and community relationships. Women themselves have spoken of their experiences of post bushfire violence.

PDF FileDownload - The Way He Tells It
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Beating the Flames: Women escaping and surviving Black Saturday

Beating the FlamesOn Black Saturday many women were left alone, often with children, to escape or fight the sudden fires.

Some made the decision to leave early and returned to a community changed physically and emotionally forever.

Read the stories of 21 women in Beating The Flames or download our PDF File attached.

PDF FileDownload - Beating The Flames
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Preventing Violence Against Girls and Women Before it Occurs: Promoting Respectful Relationships with Young People in Rural Settings - Research Report 2013

Preventing Violence Against GirlsSupporting children and young people to develop and maintain healthy, respectful relationships is one of the most effective ways to prevent violence against women before it occurs. To ensure our prevention strategies are responsive and relevant, we wanted to hear from organisations and youth providers and identify ways to support innovative, flexible prevention programs and interventions targeting young people aged 12-25 years.

PDF FileDownload - Research Report
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Raped by a Partner : A research report
Raped by a PartnerQualitative research including interviews with 21 women, 30 police officers and 23 health professionals. Partner rape is a crime punishable by 25 years imprisonment (Crimes (Amendment) Act 1985)

PDF FileDownload Report
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Partner Rape DVD

This is an educational film for health and legal professionals, for women affected by partner rape, for men's groups and for the community.

VIEW WEBSITE View the Partner Rape DVD

A Road Less Travelled: Voices of 21 teenage mothers from the country

A Road Less TravelledThis research heard directly from young women about their experiences. A peer research model was developed where young mothers interviewed each other in a narrative interviewing style. The findings leave the reader in no doubt about what it is like for these young, rural mothers. 67p, 2007

PDF FileDownload with illustrations
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PDF FileDownload without illustrations
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A Powerful Journey: A Research Report Women reflect on what helped them leave.

fsdfThis is a qualitative research project to hear from women about their experiences of leaving violent situations in the Hume region. Women told us what is useful, as well as what has not been useful to them in seeking help to leave violent situations. 43pp, 2004.

PDF FileDownload Report
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A Powerful Journey: Stories of women leaving violent situations. These are the complete stories as told to the researchers. 112p, 2004, $50.00 pair.

PDF FileDownload Stories
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Twelve of the stories are also available on CD. $15 each

Women Gathering: A literature review

Women gathering book coverAn inspirational read. It is a call to social arms, to reach for the phone, put the kettle on, knock on the neighbour’s door or head to the pub with a friend.

It has inspired us at Women’s Health Goulburn North East to develop the Women Gathering project where, along with local women around the Hume region, we discuss the issues arising from Sally’s publication and, together we’ll work out the best ways for women to get together, get to know each other and keep these new (and old) relationships alive.

PDF FileDownload Review
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Submission to the National Human Rights Consultation
Women's Health Goulburn North East Submission to the National Human Rights Consultation. WHGNE has five key recommendations for a National human rights charter or bill.

PDF FileDownload Submission
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Towards A More Resilient and Safer Victoria

The Victorian government put out a Green Paper aimed at reforming the State's crisis and emergency management arrangements to create a more disaster resilient and safer Victoria. WHGNE has responded with a submission reflecting the agencies work re: women experiencing bushfire and disaster, including recommendations to improve women-centred and gender sensitive responses.

PDF FileDownload - WHGNE Response
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Woman to Woman: A research report on the experience of rural woman with breast cancer and implications for the provision of health services.
Woman to Woman is a qualitative participatory research designed to explore the effects of breast cancer and breast cancer treatment on rural women. The women were asked to reflect on the effect of breast cancer on their lives generally and on the nature and quality of the services they received. They spoke about what was helpful to them and gave their views on how services may be further enhanced. 70p, 2004.

dfPDF FileDownload Report
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PDF FileDownload Executive Summary
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Woman to Woman: Insights from rural women with breast cancer.
In depth interviews with 20 women with breast cancer. These are their stories. 72 pp, 2004

PDF FileDownload Stories
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Woman to Woman: Breast Cancer Research to Reality ~ Easier Said than Done?
Evaluation Report April 2008
This report evaluates the initiatives of the BreastScreen Van Women's Cancers Project occurring between March 2006 and November 2007. It follows on from work recorded in two previous reports. The specific objectives set for the BreastScreen Van Women's Cancers Project were:

PDF FileDownload Evaluation Report
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When the Wind Blows: When the Wind Blows
An ethnographic study of one woman's learning difficulties and her experience of having a baby.
28 p, 2007

PDF FileDownload Report
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Empowerment: Women’s sexual health through education a peer leadership model.

EmpowermentThis report features work that is a partnership between women with disabilities and health practitioners working for health promotion and education. 41p, 2004

PDF FileDownload Report
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There is no disability in women's hearts:
Count Me Two Project

A project about Sexual Health for Women with an Intellectual Disability. Final Report.

This action research project has sought to discover barriers to sexual health and to identify or develop strategies that potentially improve sexual health for women with an intellectual disability. Project worker Kerry Burns 63 pp, 2002.

PDF FileDownload Report
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Exposed: a literature review of the issues of women's cancers in Australian Aboriginal communities.

ExposedThis report explores how Aboriginal women experience cancer, with a lens on the rural Hume region of Victoria.

PDF FileDownload Review
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Project Equity: A Review of Literature and Practice

Project Equity: A review of literature and practice

PDF FileDownload the full report
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Our Vote Counts: Stories of Aboriginal Women's Voting Experience

Our Vote CountsThis DVD was produced by Women’s Health Goulburn North East for the One Hundred Years of Women’s Suffrage Celebrations.

Six women were interviewed on film by younger Aboriginal women who learnt, that for some Aboriginal people, getting the vote, (some sixty years later than Victorian women), did not seem relevant to their lives.

VIEW WEBSITE View the Our Vote Counts DVD

Why Women's Health? - Gender and Health

PDF FileWhy Women’s Health
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