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It's Real

A short film about young Australians navigating identity, technology and relationships in a changing world. Created for the REAL Life (Relationships Education and Awareness) program.

It's Real DVD (Part 1)

It's Real DVD (Part 2)


It's Real is a resource for the REAL Life (Relationships Education and Awareness) program.

It was developed by Australian young people who identified the themes of friendship, intimate relationships and new technologies as areas of concern and interest.

It's Real features three intertwining stories. Nikki and Tess have an unbalanced freindship; Ryan and Nikki are breaking up; and Laura and Jono are going out together, but he is threatened by her other relationships. When Laura sends Jono photos of her friends getting ready for a party, she can't imagine the trouble that results.

It's Real doesn't provide all the answers; It's a starting point for discussion. What roles and responsibilities do we have in our relationships and what are the consequences when technology is misused? These are questions relevant to everyone, not just young people.

Approximate running time: 18 minutes