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Evaluation Reports

2013 August - Identifying the Hidden Disaster Conference, Post-Conference Interview Findings Report

Written by: Maggie Jakob-Hoff

This Australia-first conference was held in Melbourne on Friday, 9 March 2012.

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2013 - Trauma and Young Children – a caring approach

Trauma and young children – a caring approach offers an opportunity for educators to access international, national and local expertise in working with children with trauma and an opportunity to establish a shared understanding of best practice through a suite of professional development activities.

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2011 - Women Gathering After Fires

Women Gathering After Fires aimed to provide women affected by the Black Saturday bushfires a forum to share their experiences, grow stronger and develop friendships with other women that will support them through the healing process.

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2010 - Bsafe Pilot Project

The Bsafe pilot project has been completed and demonstrates that it is imperative that Bsafe is implemented as a safety option for all rural women and children escaping family violence in Victoria.

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2005 – Evaluation of the REAL Life Program Implementation

REAL Life is a schools- based program aimed at preventing relationship violence and supporting young people to experience positive, rewarding relationships.

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Woman to Woman: A research report on the experience of rural woman with breast cancer and implications for the provision of health services.
Woman to Woman is a qualitative participatory research designed to explore the effects of breast cancer and breast cancer treatment on rural women. The women were asked to reflect on the effect of breast cancer on their lives generally and on the nature and quality of the services they received. They spoke about what was helpful to them and gave their views on how services may be further enhanced. 70p, 2004.

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Woman to Woman: Insights from rural women with breast cancer.
In depth interviews with 20 women with breast cancer. These are their stories. 72 pp, 2004

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Woman to Woman: Breast Cancer Research to Reality ~ Easier Said than Done?
Evaluation Report April 2008
This report evaluates the initiatives of the BreastScreen Van Women's Cancers Project occurring between March 2006 and November 2007. It follows on from work recorded in two previous reports. The specific objectives set for the BreastScreen Van Women's Cancers Project were:

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Picturing Motherhood
A community development & visual arts project
The purpose of this report is to communicate the value and lessons of Picturing Motherhood, and to provide a how-to-guide for other people who wish to embard on teh process of Picturing Motherhood.

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LAMP - Looking After Mothers Project

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Creative Arts Project

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