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Past Events

Improving Women's Health - Before, During and After Disasters
Women’s Health Goulburn North East, in collaboration with Women’s Health in the North and the Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, is delighted to host a visit to Australia by Dr. Elaine Enarson. We are committed to improving responses to women’s... Read more...

2011 International Women's Day
2011 Centenary of International Women’s Day. Read and see more...

2010 International Women's Day
Bringing up feminist kids - Guest speaker: Claire Russell, Bringing up peaceful feminist kids

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2009 International Women's Day
A celebration of women's strength, courage & diversity - Guest speaker at the 2009 celebrations in Wangaratta was Nancy Rooke. Nancy is a Wiradidge woman and an elder from Narrandera, who was born on the banks of the Murumbidgee River, she spoke about her colourful life and how getting the vote affected her community.

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2008 International Women's Day
100 years of women's suffrage in Victoria - This year, Victoria will celebrate the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. This hard earned victory did not include all women, as most Indigenous women did not fully participate until the 1960's.

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2007 International Women's Day
In this Election Year 8th March 2007 - "Many women do not recognize themselves as discriminated against; no better proof could be found of the totality of their conditioning." Kate Millett, Sexual Politics

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Annual General Meetings
Tuesday 4th October 2005
Beth Wilson is the Health Services Commissioner for Victoria. She receives and resolves complaints about health service providers with a view to improving the quality of health services for everybody. Beth highlighted some specific issues for women and for those living in rural areas. Beth was very entertaining, amusing and informative speaker. "Well worth listening to!"

Vera Drake
Sunday 24th April 2005
This is a movie that takes on an important and virtually ignored subject.
A delicious supper is provided and you are welcome to stay on and watch The Heart of Me the second movie screening for the night.

International Women's Day Breakfast
Thursday 10th March 2005

A morning of celebrating International Women's Day with friends.
Sue Christensen entertained and there was lots of catching up with friends.
Ann Wearne CEO of Ovens and King Community Health Service spoke about her involvement in the establishment of the Family Planning Clinic in Wangaratta in the late 80's and reflected on how things were for women before the current abortion legislation was introduced


Women in the 21st Century
Thursday November 11th 2004 at 7.15pm
How far have we come?
Are we better off than our mothers?
A community forum with Anne Summers.
Best selling author of The End of Equality and the classic Damned Whores and God's Police. Columnist and former advisor to Prime Minister Paul Keating, former head of Office of Status of Women, former editor of Good Weekend and Ms. Magazine, N.Y.

Are women's policies and women's issues irrelevant?
Who decides how we live?
In 2002, 73% of all Australian parliamentarians were men, 90% of supreme court judges are men, 90% of senior executives in Australian companies are men.

Who has the resources?
79% of people earning $1500+ pw are men, Women's full time earnings are 81% of men's, 160,000 women are prevented from working because they can't get childcare.

Who gets hurt?
One in 3 women suffered childhood sexual assault
One in 4 women experience domestic violence in their homes
Only 18% of rapes proceed to prosecution
Only 24% of these result in a conviction
"I haven't heard the term women's policies or women's issues for many years. It's irrelevant now."
Opinion pollster Rod Cameron, The Age, 24.7. 2004.
Anne Summers will speak on women's choices now in Australia
The regional women's health service for Goulburn Valley and North East Victoria will present a health profile of women in our region, and local women Cathy McGowan and lena Tauridsky will share their insights.

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International Women's Day 2004
Thursday 11th March was a Twilight Picnic and Concert with local women performers.

Bring friends and family enjoyed their picnic hamper while enjoying speakers, musicians and singers, dancers, poetry reading and fire twirling

Launch of A Powerful Journey
26th February 2004

Launch of the findings from the research project A Powerful Journey - Women who have left violent situations.
The speaker was Judith Peirce the Commissioner from the Victorian Law Reform Commission.

2002 Rhonda Galbally & Annette Walton on Women as Community Builders

2001 Understanding Gender and Health: Forum Proceedings (Keynote speaker Dr. Dorothy Broom

1999 Domestic Violence Prevention Forum

1998 Somebody’s Daughter tour and workshops

1998 Healthy Living in our Middle Years forums and workshops

1998 Sexuality, Health & Relationships: Current Issues for Rural Youth